cigar-tin stories are art objects containing original short stories

While much of my work uses all new materials (my larger paintings on cradled wood panel, for example), I'm always looking to repurpose used (and overlooked) materials as art –– more specifically, to transform found objects into art objects. I believe that objects have personality and meaning, and that original art is one of the last vestiges of true individuality left to us today.

For example, my cigar-tin stories: I take an empty dessert cigar tin, prime the cover, paint an image on it, protect the picture with varnish, then place an accordion booklet with an original short story or essay inside (all the writing is my own; many of the stories have been previously published in magazines or books).

I also refashion vintage library cards, old/found hard cover books, boxes of all shapes and discarded paper (often torn from old texts), as well as other things.

Please start a conversation with me if you have any questions; I've done many custom orders.

A local customer recently sent me the following message:

Sender: Darlene Ferrans
Message: Hello Darryl and good morning:
I wanted to tell you how happy i am with the beautiful work. Love your shop and now that you are working on these larger pieces i will be back more often (!). It was such a pleasure working with you to arrange the pick up of your work. I am very happy - she is a lovely lady and hangs in the hallway going up to the second floor so i see her every day - several times a day.
With all best wishes,

My heartfelt thanks to Darlene and all my patrons,

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